My 2021 favorite image

Welcome friends

  The journey is as important as the final destination, especially in this time of Covid. How we act and interact with others puts new meaning to being a citizen of the world. Staying local over the last 2 years has worked to reduce risk, but created a challenge to find hidden gems we pass every day without a second thought. So my recent journey has been primarily to explore natural areas of southeast Michigan.  Having lived in this area since 1996, I am truly amazed at discovering the abundance of nature areas we have within a short drive.

  My favorite topics are nature landscapes, flora and fauna; architecture, and mechanical systems; and I never pass up a good airshow. I also like to dabble in astrophotography, loving both the challenge and the quiet solitude of the night. So please join me in this exploration; I hope you enjoy my galleries, drop me a note if something piques your interest, and feel free to order prints if interested.

  Have a safe day!

Terrance Alexander

Some favorite images from prior years

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